Why buy a purebred pedigree puppy with papers from a registered breeder?

A common thing I hear is “I don’t need papers!”.   And if you are not going to show,  breed,  or compete in obedience or dog sports you don’t technically need them.   BUT….you should want a puppy with pedigree papers from a registered breeder,  and this is why.   

What is a registered breeder?

It can be very confusing as a puppy buyer as many breeders will use the term “registered breeder” or “papers”.   There are various breeding associations and government bodies that a breeder can register with.  But there is only one true answer.    A registered breeder is a breeder registered with the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC)  state body,   such as Dogs Qld.   This is the association for pedigree purebred dogs.  Only a registered breeder with ANKC can provide pedigree papers for a puppy (pedigree papers show the family tree of the puppy back 3 generations).   

But why is this important?  

As a registered breeder with Dogs Qld I agree to a breeders code of ethics which includes the care of mum,  how the dogs are bred,  how the puppies are raised and breeding to the breed standard.  This breed standard is how the dogs looks,   their temperament  and their health.   As a registered breeder my love for the breed is the motivation for breeding and to produce quality dogs.  This requires planning for litters years in advance and selecting suitable breeding dogs.     

As a Labrador breeder it is also mandatory to complete Hip and Elbow testing on all breeding dogs (Mum and Dad).   In addition to this I choose to complete further DNA test as this can ensure certain diseases are avoided.       

As a responsible and ethical breeder I care about my puppies,   not just for the time they are with me but for their full life.    I want them to settling in well when they go to their new home and grow and be trained into great family pets.  Not only am I knowledgeable about the breed I have many years experience training dogs and share what I can to puppy buyers to help them.  I love to stay in contact with my puppy owners so I can see the puppies grow and provide help and advice for the life of the dog.       


Most people who adopt a Romsen puppy are families looking for a great family pet with good health and a wonderful temperament.  

So yes a purebred pedigree puppy may cost a few hundred dollars more and you may not need the papers,   but it is not about needing the piece of paper  it is what it represents, which is ethical and responsible breeding,  healthy pets with great temperaments and ongoing support.