Our Dogs 

Clemkirk All Eyes on Me                       "Tia"

DOB - 22 August 2008

Hip score 0:0  Elbow Score 0:0                    

Tia is a friendly girl who likes to be with people and will sleep at your feet. She always carries around one of her favourite stuffed toys.   Tia trains and competes in agility.   

Tia Pedigree.pdf Tia Pedigree.pdf
Size : 662.555 Kb
Type : pdf
Tia Hip and Eblow Scored.pdf Tia Hip and Eblow Scored.pdf
Size : 752.67 Kb
Type : pdf

Romsen All Eyes on Majic Lily                "Mieka"  

DOB - 22 February 2011

Hip Score 1:1 Elbow Score 0:0       

Mieka is Tia's daughter.   She is a very friendly and outgoing girl who loves a cuddle (with anyone!).   Mieka trains and competes in agility.   

Mieka Pedigree.pdf Mieka Pedigree.pdf
Size : 670.572 Kb
Type : pdf
Mieka Hip and Elbow scores.pdf Mieka Hip and Elbow scores.pdf
Size : 297.401 Kb
Type : pdf

Romsen Eyes on Regal Lights                    "Jazmine"

DOB - 22 March 2012

Hip Score 2:1, Elbow Score 1:1

PRA Clear,  EIC Clear

Jazmine is also Tia's daughter.   Jazmine is such a pretty girl,  so gentle and very easy to train.  Jazmine trains and competes in agility at a Beginner level.

Jazmine Pedigree.pdf Jazmine Pedigree.pdf
Size : 464.429 Kb
Type : pdf

Roselock Lord Storm Boy                    "Bailey"

DOB - 2 September 2004

Hip and Elbow Scores -  Bailey is not used for breeding therefore has not been tested.

Bailey is a easy going, low maintenance dog who is always happy and wagging his tail. 

Bailey Pedigree.pdf Bailey Pedigree.pdf
Size : 690.089 Kb
Type : pdf