Our Dogs 

Clemkirk All Eyes on Me                       

DOB - 22 August 2008      

Tia was the start of Romsen Labradors as she was our first breeding dog.  She was also the first dog I trained to competition standard in Agility and holds several titles in Agility.    


Romsen All Eyes on Majic Lily               

DOB - 22 February 2011


Romsen Eyes on Regal Lights                    

DOB - 22 March 2012


Romsen Charmed Regal Eyes               

DOB - 8 November 2016

Roselock Lord Storm Boy                    

3 September 2004 - 13 June 2018

Bailey was our first Labrador.   He was not a breeding dog.   A much loved member of the family who we dearly miss.  There will never be another dog like bog boy Bailey.