Training your puppy

Video clips and a free booklet can be found at Dog Star Daily

Crate Training

My favourite program for crate training is crate games by Susan Garrett.   The Labrador Site also has some tips here

Dog Treats

What are you feeding your dog?  There is research that dog certain dog treats ca cause illness.   A lot of dog treats on the market the product is from Chine or South East Asia.   Read this very interesting article.   

Keep your loved pet healthy and feed treat made from Australian products (Don't be fooled by "Australian Made").  Click here for some recommendations. 

Alternatively use "human" food.  I use cheese,  chicken and frankfurts.  


There is a lot of discussion about if we are over vaccinating our dogs,  and what are the long terms affects of this.  There is now other options available.   It is called a titer test,   and it is a blood test to find out in your dog does need a vaccination.   Click here for more information.  


It is critical not to over exercise your puppy.   The general guidelines if 5 minutes per month of age of structured exercise,  so play or walking.   This does not include your puppies free play.   Hip and elbow displaces is 70% environmental,  so over exercising your puppy will have life long impact.   For more information and an exercise guide click here.

Feeding and weight

Your dog food provides a feeding guide.  Remember this is just a guide and is dependent on sex, weight and activity level.   The best way to know if you are feeding the right amount of food is to look at your dog.  See this attachment on how to determine if you dog is the ideal weight.  

Your puppy will eat a lot as they need the energy to grow.   At 10-12 months your puppy will have stopped most of its growing so you will need to decrease their daily food intake. 

Remember,  so not overfeed your puppy.  If you give you puppy treats this is to be included in their daily food allocation and therefore their breakfast/dinner reduced accordingly.  An overweight Labrador will adversely affect their skeletal structure and joints. 


Food and hip and elbow dysplasia are definitely linked.  Specifically over feeding in terms of calories,  but also calcium. Here is some information to help you look for the right food and some research.

reatments - Flea and Worming

I have found a great document from a Great Dane Rescue site that explains the different products and the compares the prices on various online stores. 

Products and Price Comparison document

Spaying and Neutering

I recommend that you wait until your puppy is fully grown before desexing.    our vet may recommend desexing your dog at 6 months however we recommend waiting until your dog has matured,   so to wait until they are at least 12 months old.  

There is a lot of research including scientific evidence that desexing your dog, particular before the age of one,   can create both health and behavioural problems.   Please do some research so you can make an informed decision.   Below are some links to information. 

With males this is easy,   but if you own a female this would means you would go through a heat cycle  so this may weigh some value in your decision.  However having a girl on heat is not too difficult to manage and we are happy to offer some advice. to get you through this.  to

Dr Becker:   The Truth about Spaying and Neutering Video and article, article two, article three.

 Health and Grooming 

You can find information on all sorts of issues here at Healthy Pets

Children and dogs

Here is a great article on dogs and children.   The importance of teaching children how to interact with your dog is essential.