Romsen is proud to be a Puppy Culture breeder.  By going above and beyond with our puppies we have the power to shape our puppies’ futures to be the best that they can be.  Our aim is to develop our puppies into a great companion and pet,  a dog that everyone would want to own.

What is Puppy Culture?

Puppy Culture represents the gold standard in puppy rearing and early socialisation. Puppy Culture is a program used by breeders and puppy owners all over the world to improve the lives of their puppies and to limit behavioural issues by helping puppies to cope with and move past things that would otherwise cause issues as adults.  The first 12 weeks of a puppy's life is the most important, as its their most impressionable time. The science behind Puppy Culture provides the program to raise socially well-adjusted puppies and give them the best possible start in life.   

The benefits of Puppy Culture

Puppies raised on Puppy Culture have been proven to have greater resistance to both stress and disease, have stronger heart rates and stronger heart beats along with a stronger adrenal system. Scientific studies have shown that animals who are raised in a stimulus rich environment (such as puppy culture), with lots of toys, exercise, and challenges, have larger brains, with more neuro-connections than animals raised in a stimulus poor environment have.  The stimulation actually causes animals to grow up to 5% more brain (and within that 5% more brain, are anywhere from 25 - 200 neuro-connections!). Studies have shown that the area of the brain where these new brain cells form is actually area related to learning, memory, and emotional response. This is consistent with the findings of scientists that animals raised in enriching environments demonstrate increased learning ability, retention, and appear more stable, less fearful and better able to cope with and recover from frightening or stressful things.

In addition, by following the Puppy Culture protocol through the first 12 weeks of age (and even better, the rest of the puppy's life) can and will, greatly limit the potential for behavioural problems to arise!  

What happens when you take your puppy home?

As the puppies leave at 8 weeks there is still a period of 4 weeks that is a critical part of the Puppy Culture program.   We will provide you with the guidance, activities and information to continue this journey.  We highly recommend that, with caution, you get out with your new puppy and allow him or her to experience as many different things as they can. This includes meeting new people, other dogs and new experiences.   By continuing this program for the rest of your puppy's life, you will create a puppy that will be happy, carefree, and a joy to live with.


 The Puppy Cultural program

  • Developmental Periods
    • Understanding behavioural Markers
    • Age Appropriate games and exercises
    • Handling fear periods
  • Enrichment Effect
    • Creating an enriching environment 
    • Puzzles and problem solving
    • Active vs passive Challenges
  •  Early Socialization
    • Safety measures
    • Vaccination vs socialization 
  • Communication Trinity
    • Training marker
    • Offering good behaviours
    • Manding
  •  Problem Prevention 
    • Emotional resiliency exercises 
    • Anti-aggression protocols 
    • Sound-proofing puppies
To find out more click on the link above to go to the Puppy Culture website.