Planned litters

2021 Update                                                                                                                        Updated 26 January 2021

We will have one, and likely a second litter in 2021. 


Romsen Mastermind Regal Star "Ziggy"

Hips 3:5 Elbows 0:0

PRA and EIC clear

 Copperkee American Hustler "Vegas"

Hips 3:3 Elbows 0:0

PRA and EIC clear

This will be an all chocolate litter. 

Expected timing:    Mating Feb/March,   Confirmation of pregnancy March/April, born April/May,   leave July/July. 

Note - We have some names on the wait list for this litter from 2020.   No further names will be taken until we have confirmation of pregnancy and we have heard from those on this wait list.  See the wait list process below. Our normal process is not to have an existing wait list,   this is due to an previous unsuccessful mating. 


Romsen Charmed Regal Eyes "Ruby"

Hips 3:3 Elbows 0:0

PRA and EIC clear

 Copperkee American Hustler "Vegas"

Hips 3:3 Elbows 0:0

PRA and EIC clear

All chocolate litter. 

Expected timing:  This is depending on timing of Planned litter one,   if we will have a litter with Ruby her next season,   puppies born approx June 2021,  or the following,  puppies born approx Dec 2021. 


Lacey will have her first litter late 2020 or 2021.   This will be depend on the timing of litter 1 and 2.  This will be a chocolate and black litter.  

Interested in Romsen Puppy?

About Romsen:

 - Registered breeder with Dogs Qld and all puppies have ANKC pedigree papers

 - Puppy Culture breeder following a structure socialisation and enrichment program

Visit the Romsen Puppies page to find out more about our puppies and Home page to find more about us.   Please visit these pages before contacting us. 

If you have not owned a Labrador before please also visit The Breed page for information about Labradors and Choosing a Labrador for information about owning Labrador.  You will also find a page on important health testing.  

Wait list

We will open up expressions of interest for the wait list when we have confirmation of pregnancy (which is done by an ultrasound).  It will say above if expressions of interest are open.  If it is not open,  we will announce this on  Facebook,  so please like and follow our page. 

When open,  if you would like to express interest in a puppy,  please contact me on the below details.  I will send you an expression of interest form.  Following this,   I will confirm if you are on the wait list for a puppy.  Before you go on the wait list I will speak with you,   so I can find out more about what you are looking for,   and you can ask me any questions.  These babies are very precious to us so it is important they go to suitable homes. 

Please note our wait list process is different to other breeders.   When you are confirmed on the wait list,   we hope to be able to offer you a puppy from that specific litter.  I limit the wait list numbers based on the expected size of the litter.   We just don't know what the sex of the puppies will be,   so this is what we have to wait to see.  

When the puppies are about one week old we will confirm if we have a puppy for you.  When we can confirm we have a puppy for you,  this is when we ask for a deposit to secure your puppy.    

Purchasing a Romsen puppy

Puppies are sold on limited register.   Main register by agreement. Click here for information about the different registers.  We ask for a deposit when the litter is born and we can confirm we have a puppy for you.      

Contact us

Please visit the pages linked above  before contacting us as it may answer your questions.    If you have any other questions,   please contact us on the below details,   or through Facebook messenger. 

Call Lisa on 0410 428 279 or email