Limited vs Main Register 

There are two types of certificate of registration and pedigree (papers) – Limited and Main register.  The only difference between the two is whether or not you can show and/or breed.   For these activities you must have main register.   You can tell the difference as the papers themself are different colours.  Limited register papers have a Green boarder and Main register have a Burgundy boarder.  


Romsen Puppies

All Romsen puppies are sold on limited register unless otherwise arranged.   If you are after a pet there is no reason to have your dog on main register.  Even though on limited register you cannot show,    you can complete in all other dog sports. 

You will be asked to sign a limited register agreement.  This is a Dogs Qld form which I must provide when I submit the litter registration. 

 If you purchase a Romsen puppy on limited register and down the track you are interested in showing we can arrange for your dog to be transferred from limited to main register.   


Limited or main register does not affect the quality of the puppy it simply designates the purpose for the puppy.